A customer relationship management system that doesn't suck!

Managed Service

We host it, you use it. None of the "hidden costs" you might find with a self-hosted service (connectivity and electricity!) will come back to bite you; "free" CRMs often aren't free at all.

Visualise Performance

Graph your statistics, analyse newsletter engagement, and view link popularity. If you fancy doing a bit of A/B testing, fulcrm has the tools you need to micromanage your content delivery, and then show you the results in a useful way.

Fast and Friendly

Runs on our optimised servers so you'll see the same great access speeds whether you have 40 records or 40,000.

Take Payments

With integration for PayPal for card payments, GoCardless for direct debits....

Support and Cake Care

We'll help you set up your data structure, email templates, payment methods, and generally get you started. If you have data to import, we can help with that too. Then later on, if your usage changes, we'll be around to help you make adaptations.

Manage Campaigns

Whether you want to send a quick "one-off" mailshot to all your clients, or automate customised periodic newsletters based upon their interests, fulcrm's powerful mail client is capable of handling pretty much any content you can imagine! Our templates can be used to send branded event invitations, invoices, and generate QR codes that can be scanned to check attendance.

API for Programmers

Integrate products, events, and customer profiles into your website. Our API gives you bi-directional access so your existing CMS can still handle customer sign-ups and account management. Want to send previews of your web articles in your newsletters? The API can handle that too.

Run Events

Our flexible event handling allows you to schedule multi-slot fixtures with attendance limits. Send your customers an invitation or let them select a time-slot from your website, and invoice accordingly. Customers can manage their bookings online, and their attendance can be scanned quickly and easily with our QR codes and iPhone app.

TLS 1.2 Security

Rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs! We handle all security updates promptly, leaving you nothing to worry about.